About Molly

Art and creativity has been Molly’s life passion – and has been expressed in many ways from fiber arts, to acting, performance art and painting. . It would be safe to say art and creativity has been her life passion. It wasn’t until she received her MFA from UCLA that her interest in teaching art and creativity to children was ignited. Molly decided to integrate her passion for human development, artistic expression and educational pedagogy by becoming a teacher. Molly’s training as a professional educator culminated in 1999 at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California, where she became a Certified Waldorf Teacher. Molly taught art exclusively at the Santa Monica Waldorf School, and was a Class Teacher at the Pasadena Waldorf School for grade 4 – 8.

Molly spent 2006-07 as a private Waldorf curriculum teacher for two elementary age students, while traveling around the world. She is an Adjunct Professor at Pasadena Community College, teaching teachers “Art and Creative Development for Young Children.” Molly has taught art through out the San Gabriel Valley through the Armory Center for the Arts, where she has been a Core Teacher, Studio Director and assisted in program development. At the Armory, Molly supervised all K-12 on-site arts instruction; recruited, supervised and trained art teachers, provided arts education training for Pasadena and South Pasadena classroom teachers, and assisted in developing arts curriculum.

She has opened Create, hoping to provide an opportunity to bring the community together through creativity.

About Our Classes

Children’s Classes are offered in Six-week sessions. At create we serve students from 22 months to adults. Every weekday morning we have our Creating Together classes for ages 22 mo – 3. These classes provide a wonderful opportunity for Family and nannies to spend some creative time with their young ones. There is a puppet show, every morning, which ignites our imagination and enthusiasm to sing, move, paint, draw, and create mixed media creations.

We also offer a creative alternative to preschool – for children ages 3-4. This class is designed to help children transition into a comfortable independence, as they get ready for school. Students will eat lunch together and then listen to stories from around the world, inspiring them to make many hands-on creations. We will do some circle work, create with paint, clay and mixed media, and engage in creative play opportunities. All materials are non-toxic and age appropriate. Don’t forget to bring your lunch.

Our after school classes are offered with a variety of themes with each class broken into age groups which support a healthy developmental environment to create and explore our imagination. The projects are always theme based – inspired by stories or wonderful places in the world that ignite our imagination.

Most importantly, CREATE is committed to nurturing the creative spirit for all, creating a space that is non-judgmental - where the process of creation is nurtured and the products that are created are loved because we made them.