Fairies, Gnomes and Forest Friends - Art, Dance, and Music Summer Camp 6/24/19-6/28/19

Join us this week as we explore the wonderful world of Fairies, Gnomes and Forest Friends! Often times it is the forest friends that lead us strait to the fairies and the gnomes – but it can be challenging to see them. It is easier to follow a sweet cotton tail bunny right to their homes, and of course find all the gifts they leave behind! During this fun filled week of camp, we will learn about the luminous fairies, their earthly gnome friends and of course their beloved Forest Friends, Come and join us for this enchanted week of creativity. 

Each day includes two classes at Heartbeat House which include music and singing, yoga, capoiera, hip hop, musical theater, ballet, jazz, and more.

The rest of the day is spent at A Place to Create, which includes Ms Molly’s famous stories, art projects inspired by these stories, drawing, treasure hunts, and organic snacks.

** This camp is for the younger children and is a shorter day 10:30 - 2:30 pm. This is one of three camps offered for younger children ages 4-6. The other weeks for 4-6 year olds is Week Seven: July 29-August 2 and Week Ten: August 26-30, 2019 

Week 4

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Week 5